Beginning Portrait Tips for Every Beginner

I hope you can take a little bit from this post in beginning portrait tips to help you out. Have you ever taken a photo of a person and wanted it to look better than just an average candid shot but that is all it turned out to be? I would like to share a little bit of information with you about portrait photography and hope that it helps you out.

Beginning Portrait Tips

More of the person you include in the photo, the more work it becomes. The headshot is the easiest photo to take, because posing and lighting are easier and you don’t have to worry that much about what the person is wearing.

  • Waist-up Portraits: Waist-up portraits show the person’s torso and face, and tend to be cropped.
  • Three-Quarter Length Portraits: Portraits framed so that the bottom of the frame is cropped mid-thigh or mid-calf.
  • Full-Length Portraits: Portraits that show the subject’s entire body.

Portrait Lengths

Headshots are also called head and shoulders portraits, headshots show more detail in a persons face than any other photo. You can include one or both of the person’s hands in the photo if you would like to. Makeup, hair, and retouching are very important with headshots.

When you are taking a photograph make sure that the subject you are shooting is in the rule of 1/3. The 1/3 rule is where the subject is filling up 1/3 or 2/3 of the screen, it will make your shots more attractive than if you didn’t. Example below

beginning portrait tips

I would go through and list a bunch of poses and photos for you to look at but you can do that by looking it up on google and start getting your own shot list together of the ones that you like and want to get use to photographing.

Another thing to do when shooting portraits is to use an external flash. Use the flash to light up the eyes to give them the “twinkle” in they eye and to get rid of most of the shadows that are annoying. In the photo below you can see in the center of the eye that the flash shows up and it makes the photograph more appealing.

beginning portrait tips




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