The Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool – Creating Anything And Everything

The Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool can truly be used to create anything. Illustrator is the place to illustrate or trace everything. For beginners with the pen tool, even if your a great illustrator I recommend starting with tracing. It takes a little bit of getting used to.

Pen Tool Tracing Image and Video

Click on the orange for a full size image. Then right click, save image as. orange-pen-tool-trace

Tracing Images With The Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool – Step By Step

  1. Find a simple image.
  2. Import your favorite into Adobe Illustrator.
  3. File – Import – Find the file.
  4. Center the image.
  5. Lock the image – Object – Lock.
  6. Click the pen tool from the Toolbar.
  7. Make your first click and get familiar with the tool.

Making your first clicks with the Adobe Illustrator is fun yet frustrating. After you’ve attempted to grasp the tool on your own, here’s another step by step list to get going again.

Pen Tool Quick Guide

Create A Curve: After clicking once you may notice that you can only create a straight line.
Click And Drag: With your second click, click and drag opposed to click and releasing. You’ll notice with dragging a curve begins.
Option / Ctrl click previous anchor point: This allows you to re-angle your trace line and break the curve automatically created.
Command / Alt Z: If you don’t know it already, it’s important to bring up command or alt z. Say hello to your new best friend. To undo any move you’ve made at the quickest rate use command z on a Mac or alt and z on a PC.

Some prefer to click around the edges of what they’re drawing and refine their lines later. You may notice after creating a line with a curve there are 2 external points created. This is to adjust your curve after the initial click. This comes in handy when a good click point has been created but the curve was not angled properly.

The pen tool can be found in many adobe suite programs. This tool has endless uses and it is best to get familiar with it because if you’re even reading this post you are an up and coming graphic designer.

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