Our Mission

Helping you figure "it" out is what we do. Completing portions of your project is what sets us apart. If you're struggling with any section of any project, feel free reach out to us. We know how to help.

You're in a hurry? Shoot us an email, comment or view our forum. We'll get back to you faster than a hungry doberman catching a junkyard prowler.

Our Philosophy: Excellence in Graphic Design, Photography, & Videography.

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to the Art of Digital Media. Combining that with a passion for helping people is how Digital Media Tech was born. With each team member specializing in different areas of digital media, we have the answers to all of your questions.


Mike Bean

Web Designer, SEO,
& Graphic Designer

4 years of SEO & Web Marketing, 3 years of Graphic Design, and 10 years on drums is what drives Mike to be creative in every aspect of any project.

Shaun Stanich

Shaun Stanich

Award Winning Photographer, Graphic Designer

Starting out in photography in spring of 2012, Shaun wanted to show people things that they miss in a world where everything is moving fast. Photographing portraits, landscape, wildlife, weddings, and documenting events through photography, Shaun has become an experienced Photographer.


Riley Nelsen


Riley has a passion for creating one of a kind media.
He's completed full video production services from business promotional's to wedding videography and hits the mark every time.

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Many of our clients come to us looking for the last piece of their puzzle. Since all Digital Media is our game, we 're happy to say that we are compatible with all formats of your jigsaw.